Microcoaching is for any gamer who wants to rank up, improve, or just win more competitive games.

We know how much it sucks to lose and how hard it can be to improve. Microcoaching gives you legit info by connecting you to an expert gamer, on-demand, for free. Don't waste time googling for your specific question and getting bogged down by tons of conflicting answers. Just connect to a microcoach, then get back to having fun.

our story

Microcoaching was founded in Spring 2016 by Georgetown University MBA students, Emre and Dan.

They've been playing games competitively and casually for decades and their mission is to make it easier for gamers to improve.

emre ruhi

Team Fortress: Demoman extraordinare; Starcraft BW: BGH No Rush 20 Expert

dan tasch

Law Simulator 2016: Level III Attorney; Fifa: Dorm Champ


What is Microcoaching?

On-demand coaching for video game players. If you're stuck in a game, want to improve or want to win more, sign up and get a real coach, right away.

How does it work?

It's easy, just click "try now" up top and start your session - it's free!

How much does it cost?


Who are the coaches?

Highly experienced, expert players and pros. Learn more about our coaches here

What's a session like?

Your coaching session is an on-demand chat and gaming experience with your coach. Ask him whatever your want to know, tell him what problems you're having or what goals/rank/level you want to achieve. Our excellent coaches use a wide range of tools and strategies to get you where you want to be quickly and effectively.

Contact Info?

Email us at coach@microcoaching.net, message on facebook, or hit us up on twitter

I want to coach - where do I apply?

So you want to make money and help other gamers? Awesome! Click here to start your application. We'll be in touch ASAP.